creative artisans in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

RePapel Puerto Plata - women entrepreneurs

RePapel Puerto Plata is an association of women who recycles paper and turns it into beautiful handcrafted objects, they are 7 women who keep their children and their families with their work, and help the development of the community.

The process of making recycled paper is very interesting:
the ladies tear up by hand used paper sheets that soften with water in a washing machine and turn into a pulp.

The pulp is again worked with water and a thin layer of paper is created through the use of a wooden frame with meshes, then the paper is put to dry.

With recycled paper, the ladies of Repapel Puerto Plata create lots of gift and collectible items that they sell to tourists who visit their business through visits organized by Fathom.

Their dream, however, is to make their craft famous even outside the Dominican Republic and to be able to expand their production. 

Take a look at  Gallery, I'm sure you'll find something interesting

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