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MANUART Italian designer, dominican inspiration

I'm usually looking for craft made products, so one day, as my usual habit I stopped in a cafeteria to have my daily coffee.
Sitting my table there was a lady and kindly she asked me if I was Italian as she was, immediatly we began to chat and Manuela, that is her name, told me she loved create "things". Suddenly she drew out from her bag a shaded coloured sarong, a refined shawl-pashemine and wonderful necklaces.
I explained to Manuela my project with Artesania RD and I invited her to join the group of craftsmen. She was interested in my idea so we decided to talk about it.
Manuart - Artesania RD
I met Manuela in Sosua where she lives and she showed me her work-shop house, later we spent our free time in the beach where she talked me about her life.
Manuela has been working for many years as colour creator for a fashion Italian leather company.
Because of her job she travelled in many different countries, she has lived for 3 years in Brasil and for one year in Vietnam. When she finished her work she decided to live in Sosua, enchanted of the wonderful sea and of the blooming nature.
Sosua Beach - Artesania RD Dominican Nature - Artesania RD
Here Manuela finds inspirations for her creations, she makes any kind of fashion accessories, necklaces, shawls and bags, using different materials, wood, stone, coconut, metal. She loves working to crochet using unusual material as metal yarns and little wires.
Necklaces by Manuart - Artesania RD Necklaces by Manuart - Artesania RD
The final result is excellent and unique so Manuart is a brand incomparable.
you can find Manuart creations in Gallery  

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