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Larimar links soulmates and lovers

The Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce predicted that on one of the caribbean islands would be found a blue stone with extraordinary attributes.
Nel 1974 the Larimar was found in the South of Dominican Republic!
Larimar - Artesania RD
Larimar is a rare blue stone and in its colour reflects the crystalline waters that surround Española island (Dominican Republic and Haiti), in fact an other name for this lovely gem is Dolphin Stone.
Gioia - Artesania RD
Larimar heals negative karma betwween soulmates and lovers bringing the tranquility of water to heart; uplifts pain of life, depression, fear, hurt.
Caribbean Sea - Artesania RD
The power of sea holded in this gorgeous gem will aid you to clear deep seated emotional pain, will help you to view events from a different way, more positive perspective.

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  • Hi Anne, sure I remember you!
    I’m very happy you like and it feels you good ?
    For your husband we can make man’s ring or cufflinks….or more
    I will put in contact with you by messenger to show you some ideas
    Cheers ?

    Gioia - Artesania RD
  • Do you remember? I bought a pendant last month, I have always with me and I feel more relaxed. Now I want to give something in Larimar to my husband. Is it possible?


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