creative artisans in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Every jewel is a miniature sculpture

I was really impressed by Luis's beautiful jewellery and his creativeness and abilities making them.
Luis is originally from Moca, he was very young when he approached jewellery's art, he has already spent 42 years of his life doing this job of which the last "33 years" working with beautiful jewels in a craft workshop in Puerto Plata
It is a family run business where he is asisted by Nilo and his son Bibi.
Luis is a very nice, sociable and patient man and told me that they all have a lot of fun working together.

handmade jewels - artesania RD         handmade jewels - artesania RD          handmade jewels - artesania RD

While he continued to work he explained to me the peculiarities of his jewels, although it was difficult to remember every thing he said because I was mesmerized by the movement of his hands, tools, pliers, welder scissors, it looked like a dance, fantastic!
Since I've lived here in Puerto Plata, I have seen a lot of Larimar and Amber jewels of all kinds, true, false, beautiful, ugly, but here was the first time, I saw such sophisticated handwork done by Luis.
He explained to me that the secrets and motives, was choosing high quality stones of Larimar and Amber that are embedded in silver and gold frames. molded completely by hand, I was simply amazed when I saw him in action!

handmade jewels - artesania RD       handmade jewels - artesania RD            handmade jewels - artesania RD

The silver used is 100% pure and only a 3% blend is added to harden it otherwise it would be too soft to work with. It is rated 925 but our goldsmiths here guarantees that it's much higher.
In Dominican Republic, the gold used is14 carats, but if specially requested Luis can also create 18 or 10 carats jewellery.

I assure you that you'll not only get excellent quality and service, but he will provide you with your very own designer jewellery.

You can see his "sculpture" in Gallery or send me a request for custom jewels


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