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Day begin with a good cup of coffee

My day always begins with a good cup of coffee, luckly I happened to find a more refined new cafe bar in the beautiful historical centre of Puerto Plata so I thought it would be a good time to stop and have a nice cup of coffee. I love drinking coffee and to me Dominican coffee is the best in the world. 

Day begin with a good cup of coffee - artesania RD

While I sat drinking my coffee I met the manager and started chatting with him, I discovered that the cafe bar was not just a cafeteria but also a place that produces and sells 100% arabic organic coffee mix of good quality
The manager explained to me all the stages of how it was produced and processed which I found most interesting to listen
The coffee grains are harvested in Jarabacoa, a beautiful mountainous area with a perfect cool climate ideal for the growth of coffee plants, Dulus Dominicus (is the name of the company) only use 100% organic coffee grains, where they don't use pesticides or fertilizers.
The best grains are hand selected, and then a sun-drying processes is carried to preserve the aroma of the coffee. Finally they are packaged in the “cafe bar”.

cigua palmera - artesania RDEven the name of the company is particular, DULUS DOMINICUS is the scientific name of CIGUA PALMERA, a sparrow that you can find and only lives here in Hispaniola Island (Dominican Republic and Haiti).

Now you too can sit down with me to drink a good cup of coffee and listen to the Dulus Dominicus chirping


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