creative artisans in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

what is Mujeres Puro Arte?

The Mujeres Puro Arte Foundation of Puerto Plata, is a non-profit foundation designed as a meeting point for all female artists, regardless of age and creed, in order to create a space for reflection, experimentation and dissemination of the art that is within each of the participants, through exhibitions, workshops and other meetings and activities.

The OTHER PURPOSE is to generate resources through our collective to install a Multidisciplinary Contemporary Art classroom, to offer an opportunity for low-income women and girls to receive knowledge about various art forms and to give opportunities for the development of their own individual and unique artistic gifts.

This development of self-knowledge and creativity will be enhanced through the tools of discourse, shared reflection and instruction, giving artists and aspiring artists the necessary tools for their  development. As well,  these tools can be applied to participants' daily lives, hopefully, impacting and abetting social transformation.
The artistic disciplines that will be integrated within this foundation are: Painting,  Writing/Poetry, Creative Crafts, Composition, Performance, Music, Contemporary Dance, Ceramics, Sculpture Installation, Artistic Jewelry Design, Storytelling, Puppetry, Video Art, Artistic Photography, Textile Design, Independent Theater Production, and Creative Cuisine

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