creative artisans in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Come with me to know creative artisans and their creations

In today's world of new technology, e-commerce allows people the possibility of buying, selling goods and services online, but we are losing and no longer have the pleasure and experiencing the personal service of buying craft items.
Being able to ask questions such as: 
Will it be genuine craft?
Will it look like what I can see in the picture?
Will it be of good quality?
It's normal these are all doubts that we always have.
This is why artisan’s workshop give you a new and unique experience, to be able to see handicrafts, touch them, asses the quality, and know how they were made, and, if you like them, buy them and take them home.
From the time of buying your artisan craftworks you will remember and treasure the memories, it will remind you where and when you bought them, the person that made them, their smile, kindness, gentleness. This is all what makes the uniqueness of your purchase.
How can we compare this to the virtual internet world of today?
These are all question I often ask myself and why I founded Artesania RD, it's not just a market place but a place that allows you to enter their workshop in another way.

So now you going to ask
that's easy through me and my eyes!

Now you are thinking…who I am?
My name is Gioia, I’m italian and I live in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. I fell in love with this beautiful island and have a passion for its handicrafts. I don't have any artisanal ability, but I do have experience in the artisan market place.
I will be able to tell you about the quality, creativity, what I can see, touch and feel with my hands.
I would be the buyer for you!

Gioia - Artesania RD

The site is structured for being user-friendly for buyers. You will always find me available, where you can ask questions, and I can give you my personal opinion.
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