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Why cigars lover should taste Emanuel Premium's cigar?

"Emanuel Premium Cigars" is a run-family Dominican company with over 30 years of experience, which employs more than 25 people.
The soul of the company is its owner Mr. Nelson Medina, enthusiastic about his work, he personally follows all the processes to obtain premium quality cigars: selection of tobacco leaves, drying, fermentation, rolling, packaging (yes! even the packs are produced by "Emanuel Premium Cigars")
Tobacco cultivation
Near Puerto Plata, in the northern area of the Dominican Republic, lies the Cibao Valley where there is one of the most important tobacco crops in the world and where tobacco growers, with centuries of experience handed down by their ancestors, cultivate the plants to obtain a superior quality product.
The cigars of the "Emanuel Premium" are produced with tobacco leaves from the Cibao Valley that Mr Medina personally selects.
He explained that absolutely forbidden in his company mix Cibao's tobacco with plants from other geographical areas, he wants his cigars maintain the organoleptic characteristics of Cibao's tobacco.
After being harvested, the tobacco leaves are left to dry naturally in the shade of palm roofs, in this way the tobacco maintains its properties unaltered.
Mr Medina explained to me that fermentation is the most delicate passage in the cigar process.
Each range of Emanuel Premium Cigars collections has a different fermentation, which has been studied for years by Mr Medina and which is the secret to the success of "unique" premium cigars.
I can only tell you that no water is used in the fermentation process, to avoid the formation of molds, but natural plant products are used, as orange, wine ....
As well, this special fermentation formula allows cigars to maintain their organoleptic properties for years and no having to use humidors.
Normally the aging of tobacco does not exceed two years, the "Emanuel Premium" uses aged tobacco from 3 to 7 years old
Also the rolling technique of aged and fermented tobacco leaves is essential for the success of the product.
Our "torceros" are very skilled in cigar rolling, which should not be too empty or too full to avoid compromising the "smoking".
Emanuel Premium rolling technique allows, as its slogan says"Para disfrutarlo the principio a fin", to "enjoy the cigar from the begin to the end".
These are the reasons why slow smoking lover must taste Emanuel Premium cigars.

If you are interested contact me, we have the possibility to send whole boxes or small quantities, from the factory directly to your home.