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The slow smoking

Every time I go back to Italy, I always go out for a pleasant dinner with my friend Carlo, an architect with a thousand passions, it's our tradition, we always have a nice chat, drinking rum, and he always likes smoking a good cigar. He regularly asks me, "Do you know that the best cigar you can find are made in the Dominican?”
So I can imagine if he ever visited the Emanuel Premium Cigars it would be very difficult for me to get him out, wherever you look, there are cigars and tobacco leaves ready to be rolled, the scent of 19 different blends and 10 different flavors mix with each other remind me of our relaxing dinners.

Premium cigars - artesania RDThanks to Nelson, the sales manager, explained to me the cigar production process, I now know why the best cigars are found in the Dominican Republic. Emanuel Premium Cigars plants and harvests the best tobacco leaves in the fertile Cibao Valley first found by Cristopher Colombus, can you imagine how he felt when he discovered this beautiful island for the first time in 1494? "Paradise* the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen”, told him.

This magnificent valley is located in the northern, central mountain area which protect the best tobacco crops in the world.

premium cigars - artesania RD
The dedicated craftsmen pride themselves and work with the tobacco plants in the same way, which they were taught and inherited from their ancestors "the Tainos”, no toxic additives are used, the result is a organic rustic-looking cigar which satisfies the pleasure of Slow Smoking of cigars enthusiasts like my friend. 

premium cigars - artesania RD






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